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Human Rights Protection & Employment Policy

The Haven Khao Lak Hotel Emphasis is placed on respect, protection, and healing in accordance with international human rights principles. To ensure that the company's business operations. It will be done with caution and prudence and will not do anything that will cause violation or impact on human rights. Whether directly or indirectly, the company therefore announces the human rights policy of Khaolak Valley Company Limited for executives and employees to adhere to as guidelines as follows:

  • Everyone has inherent rights, dignity, and equality. The company equitable treatment of personnel respect each other and treat each other equally without discrimination to enable personnel to show their potential to work to the fullest.
  • Do not discriminate on the basis of similarities or differences in gender, race, religion. Political opinion or any other social status.
  • Comply with human rights policy to be used as a guideline for working and to communicate the human rights policy to the Board of Directors, executives, and employees regularly and thoroughly. To achieve effective and effective practice.


The company attaches great importance to labor rights. By treating all employees with fairness without discrimination under an employment agreement that is in accordance with the law and practice equally. Meanwhile it also attaches special importance to the rights of vulnerable employees. Promote and support the exercise of employees' freedom of association in negotiation and expressions under labor law.