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Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Policy

The Company realizes that employees are important factors for the organization. Therefore, the policy on safety, occupational health and working environment has been established as a guideline for preventing to prevent and control the occurrence of hazards due to work. This is the duty and responsibility of all employees to cooperate. Must follow the rules. The requirements are strictly according to the safety standards and the company's policies and regulations. as well as having a duty to supervise, inspect and monitor the working environment according to the specified standards to ensure safety for life, body, mind, and health.

The guidelines are as follows:
  • The Company considers safety, occupational health and working environment as the duty of all employees. At all levels to work together to ensure the safety of both oneself and others.
  • Enhancing knowledge of all employees Have a good conscience in working for safety, occupational health, and good working environment.
  • Promote and support the improvement of working environment and safe working methods as well as the use of protective equipment. Appropriate protection against personal hazards, including maintaining good health for all employees.
  • Support and promote activities safety, occupational health and working environment in order to resulting in the highest practical results for all parties.
  • All supervisors must have duties and responsibilities for safety, occupational health, and the working environment of subordinates is strictly in accordance with the rules.
  • There is a follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of the safety, occupational health and environment policy in work to achieve serious practice and achieve maximum efficiency according to regulations and standards safe to work.
  • Require all employees to participate in preventing occupational hazards. and maintain a good environment. The company will accept suggestions. Various opinions of employees are taken into. Consideration to fix various bugs according to safety. To ensure safety and good working environment.