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The green oasis

Our property operates hotels and accommodations. Environmentally responsible by striving to develop and implement an efficient environmental management system and always care about the community, culture, social and our wellbeing of staff.

Certificate Travel Life Our Commitment Community & Environment Policy Human Rights Protection & Employment Policy Child Protection Policy Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Policy Our Quality Policy Waste Management Policy

Sustainability Report

From the beginning before we are applying Travelife Project we always care about the environment, community, culture, social and our wellbeing of staff. Our Activities target we set 12 times per year and we ensure that we hit over than that.

Our Target

We, Khaolak Valley Company Limited or The Haven Khaolak Hotel Operate a hotel service business, focusing on customer service and taking care of employees. preserving the culture social support and attaches importance to the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable environment.

Because it is the first time that the project has just started. We set for our sustainability projects to 12 times per year and make it successful.

  • Our company has the following plans as below.

    • To establishment has a sustainable plan on reducing electricity, water, and resource efficiency including good waste management.
    • Environmentally responsible by striving to develop and implement a system for reducing and separating solid waste in the workplace effectively. To create a balance of nature.
    • To be committed and responsible to the society with environmental management.
    • Commit to only purchase environmentally preferable products.
    • Our customers and employees apply the principle of 7R waste separation project "Refuse, Recycle, Reuse, Refill, Repair, Reduce and Return.
    • To participate in activities and cooperating with the local community.
    • To consider human rights and Fair labor.
    • To practices respect for local culture and different cultures.
    • Focusing on the health and well-being of employees and employee safety.
    • Support and conserve sea turtles of Thailand (Phang Nga – Phuket).

Electrict Usage 2020-2022

Year 2020 2021 2022
Month Occupied Unit Occupied Unit Occupied Unit
Jan 3,556 189,269.00 209 89,703.00 1356 122,016.00
Feb 3,336 189,463.00 434 86,944.00 673 94,308.00
Mar 2,546 177,496.00 911 122,114.00 1840 127,608.00
Apr - 45,917.00 1420 120,601.00 3150 158,076.00
May - 44,139.00 113 87,480.00 1867 135,036.00
Jun - 41,298.00 140 77,763.00 1011 113,143.00
Jul 409 77,089.00 129 76,306.00 - -
Aug 1093 124,599.00 84 72,157.00 - -
Sep 1059 111,575.00 256 73,314.00 - -
Oct 1763 118,959.00 786 100,144.00 - -
Nov 1477 126,652.00 1001 102,144.00 - -
Cec 1283 127,397.00 1584 124,407.00 - -
Total 16,703.00 1,367,853.00 7,067.00 1,133,753.00 9,897.00 750,187.00
AVR Unit/Occp 81.89 160.43 75.80
Target 80 Kwh. 1.89 80.43 4.20
%2020 2.37%
%2021 98.21%
%2022 -5.13%

The electric unit usage per occupied room in year 2022 is 75.80 KWH from January to June 22 which is lower than 2021 about -84.63 KWH or -112% and it is lower than the set target 4.20 KWH or 5.13%. The evidence record of electric consumption was reduce from year 2021

Our action plan in 2022-2023

  • Energy Saving 2022-2023

    • Arrange guest room by zoning because during low occupancy
    • Inviting guest and staff for saving energy for guest and staff in the hotel via flyers, TV channels and training for staff.
    • To continue reducing machine operation time for saving in the public area or staff office.
    • Will be reduced electricity consumption ≤ 5%
  • Water Management

    • Inviting guest and staff for water reduction activities for guest and staff in the hotel via flyers, TV channels and training for staff.
    • Inviting guest and staff for saving energy for guest and staff in the hotel via flyers, TV channels and training for staff.
    • Using water-saving devices or efficient and suitable systems for detecting leaks in various areas
    • Reuse treated wastewater in the hotel suitably and safe.
    • Keeping water consumption data and statistics for the benefit of monitoring water use or conserving water.
    • Our target of water flow in Guest & Public Area is no more than as details below:
  • Showers = 10 Liters per minute
  • Basins = 5 Liters per minute
  • Toilets = 6.5 Liters per flush
  • Urinals = 2 Liters per flush

Support to Community

In January 2018, we support community by food, dessert, and balloons to Kuk Kak School in Children Day’s also make them smile.

In March 2018, our staff joined to Thai Red Cross Society for blood donation at Centara Seaview.

In June 2018, Joined World anti-drug day with Phang Nga Labor office by donating food to student in Phang Nga Provice.

In July 2018, we joined King Rama IX Birthday’s activities with Takupa District to pay respect to our King

In October 2018, we donated food to Kuk Kak Shrine for Vegetarian day’s

In November 2018, we joined Sharing for Life Foundation to donated cupcake and gave presents to autistic children and having activities with them. That was make them smile and happy on their face on Christmas Day’s

In February 2019, we donated dry food, water, shirts, trousers, medicines to Sea gypsy at At Surin Island as Island burnt.

In August 2019, we joined Mother Day’s activities with Takupa District to pay respect to our queen birthday’s

In October 2019, we joined the Buddhist monks at the end of the Buddhist Lent activity by donating food and drink

In 2020-2021, we had got effected from Covid-19 pandemic we allowed office staff to work from home and let’s operation staff take leave just some department who concerning about maintenance work at the property.

In the middle of year 2021 we have Thai Travel Together our government project to support business to all employer then our staff can work as normal then we start to keep going with our sustainable project again.

In March 2022, our staff joined to Thai Red Cross Society for blood donation at Centara Seaview

In April 2022, We and Department of Labor Protection and Welfare to donate staff uniform to people in Phang Nga Area

In April 2021, For Songkran Festival during 12-17 April 2022 we support food to Police who will be taking care people in Khao Lak area.

In June 2022, our staff joined to Thai Red Cross Society for blood donation at Centara Seaview

In July 2022, we supported money donation to Kuk Kak Subdistrict for their sport day’s activity

Support to Social, Environmental and Culture

In February 2018, we and Trash Hero clean up and collect garbage on the beach

In April 2018, we arranged Songkran Festival to make our guest join and experience Thai. Songkran is very famous. People splash the water on each other. The tradition is an important custom for Thai families, community, and religion. We express our respect to our elders by pouring scented water onto our parents’ and grandparents’ hands. The elders in turn wish the youngsters good luck and prosperity, so Songkran Day is also Family Day. The value to community is the opportunity to create unity within the community, to join the acquire merits, meet each other, and enjoy entertaining events.

In May 2019, On the First of each Year in May. It’s Thai Labor day’s we joined activities with Labor Office to make the Fun Activities Games and blood donation.

In July 2018, we joined Clean Up My Hometown with Phang Nga Tourism activities to clean Bangnian village along the mainroad.

Similan Island
Similan Island
Similan Island
Surin Islan
Surin Islan
Surin Islan
Surin Islan

In October 2018, before open Similan & Surin Island Phang Nga Tourism Authority had arranged this activity to welcome guest before visit and make it clean.

In November 2018, joined Phang Nga Tourism Authority arranged Khao Lak Run Save Life. We donated for water and support water to the runner.

In November 2018, joined Phang Nga Tourism Festival under theme “Shades of the Andaman Sun” we sent staff to join Miss Andaman and selling food to promote Phang Nga Province.

In November 2018, we have our own project called “Oasis Team” to plant forests in various locations, starting in our own establishments.

In November 2018, we arranged Loy Kratong Day’s. This day is one of the most popular festivals of Thailand celebrated annually on the Full-Moon Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month. The festival starts in the evening when there is a full moon in the sky. People of all walks of life carry their Krathongs to the nearby rivers. After lighting candles and joss-sticks and making a wish, they gently place the Krathongs on the water and let them drift away till they go out of sight. To experience guest to know more for our culture.

In February 2019, we signed MOU to be the Member of Declaration of Marine Turtle Conservation of Thailand (Phangnga – Phuket) and we make our own activities for guest who stay at The Haven Khao Lak per stay the money 1 US dollar will be donated to Turtle Conservation.

In April 2019, we joined food competition to promoted our province with Phang Nga Tourism Authority at Bangsak Beach.

In July 2022, we joined Green Area Project with Labor Protection and Welfare to celebrate and pay respect to our Queen Day’s.We planted on the beach

In 2022, Every month we have cleaning day project to clean up the beach every 2nd and 4th of the week. Every department send staff to join this activity and it’s made our beach clean always.