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Discover the trails nearby on a mountain bike or bicycle for a mini adventure

Special Activities

Learn and see a local life at the market

Everyday 08.00 – 11.00 hrs.
Price: 500 THB per person

Enjoy morning market and relaxing at waterfalls everyday 08.00 – 13.00 hrs.

Price: 700 THB per person
Remarks: Entrance fee is 100 THB per person, please pay direct to Park officer.

Batik painting depicts the artist’s perceptions usually including brightly colored, exotic landscapes, fish, turtle, etc.

Everyday 10.00 – 13.00 hrs.

Price: 700 THB per T- Shirt.

The atmosphere is shady, nature, and mountains are the learning centre for the sufficiency economy of Khuk Khak Sub-District community.
08.00 am.- 11.00am.     

Price : 500 THB perperson

Private training is a great way to boost your skill level.

Price : 700 THB / Hour

A Thai Stretch session can include long, deep stretches as well as nourishing joint movements of the shoulders, hips, knees & ankles guided by the instructor. This is a wonderful treatment to help calm down after a long day.  

It can literally help ground and balance your body by softening your structural asymmetries and infuse a sense of well-being into your whole self. 

Price : 700 THB / Hour


The Haven Khao Lak

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